As a kid , when my friends asks me how my parents are I always say they are strict , I was not supposed to go out , not supposed to talk to boys , not supposed make much calls , not supposed to have any mobile devices , no social medias…I lived in a complete alienated situations , restrictions which they put forward at that stage was considered as an austere behaviour from there part . Transposing from one phase of life to another I saw a change in their behaviour , a change in their approach towards us . During my mid twenties they started accepting me as an adult and I was given my freedom of choice . When my school days was done and was shifting to college there was a change , I was allowed to go out , call friends and was given some privacy of my own .. but still those behaviour was also not a complete assurance for me to open about my personal life to them . My MBA days was fun … They started accepting the fact that I am a girl who makes lots of friends including boys and I was left on my own .. my work life changed a lot of my character including my approach to my parents , i started opening up to my parents , started telling them stories … My mom later became my best friend .. I was able to tell her all my situations and she used to be there as a pillar to guide me , to help me , and to walk with me .. being in my mid twenties now I learned a lot ….

Parents are supposed to be strict during our maturisation stage and should act like a friend when we are all grown up . When I am getting ready to take up my next challenges coming my way I am thinking of being like them , thinking of implementing those rules to my kids when time comes . Thinking of how lucky we are in having parents guiding us in the right path . I am always thankful to God for the unsurpassable gift in the form of parents .

Dedicated to all parents who sweat their lives out just to make us prosper

Nikhitha Pradeep